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In order to get on this rock, I had to go up a hill for an hour, carefully holding the helium balloons and protecting them from branches, dragonflies, bees, etc. 😃 I put on the painted dress as soon as I got there. Therefore, all I had to do was to climb two large steep stones, in order to finally get on the iconic Potato Chip Rock. Getting there on top, glad that I was able to overcome my fear, I immediately prepared for the long-awaited photos. But a balloon came off and the wind blew it away in just a few seconds …

I only had time to take a single picture. 😂

Irina Madan Potato chip rock
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Irina Madan Potato Chip Painted Dress

The first memory of my life is from the age of 3 – the only memory I have with my grandmother. Then I remember the time I was playing with my sweet ducklings, while I was waiting for my father to come home from abroad. I remember the clothes I made for my Barbie dolls… and my first set of colorful crayons which made me start drawing. Also, I remember how I used to bring home the hungry stray animals I found on the streets.

Since I was 20 years old – I keep in my memory the art classes I took, the first portrait, the first nude drawing… my first fashion collection, my first fashion contest, my first award, my first blog, and my very first order.

I remember the moment I arrived late at the train station and I had to jump on the train which started moving, but it had the doors open. I remember the claustrophobia in the train bunk and also the moment I read the Facebook “tag” post about good looking people who need to live their lives always defending themselves. And that’s not enough. Goodness is painful. And sincerity is the same.

I remember all the sacrifices I made… and the times when I gave more than the last penny just to go home to Moldova, to hug my loved ones and be able to paint. And now I would do exactly the same… Because true wealth consists of soul “supplies”.

During all these years I have competed only with myself and I have never stopped to discover myself. At the same time, among emotional heights and depths, I managed to make difference between “eros” and “agape” ( two different Greek definitions for love).

No human being and no book teaches you so much as it teaches you your own choices and their full assumption. I learned that the true power of a woman lies in her decisions to start from scratch countless times … and to constantly fighting for a BIG dream, which, FOR NOW, can be lived only with the imagination.

Irina Madan Potato chip rock San Diego


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