My name is Irina Madan. I was born in the Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe, in 1990. Currently, I live and work in San Diego, California.

My art represents timeless and seasonless wearable art. Each attire is individually hand painted, signed by myself, and created from scratch. My vision of painting is different, as I see a painting as a piece of art that can be worn. I firmly believe that the line between fashion and art is so fine that most of the times they just blend together. My work is influenced by my inner world, dreams, music, books, nature, and they also pay homage to my beautiful roots. I am driven to create by a passion for color and beauty. I consistently try to add more color into my creations by emphasizing the beautiful part of the things. My main goal is to be authentic. Assuredly, we can create trends by ourselves, because what comes from inside, characterizes us; every person is unique.

From an early age, I have been fascinated by art and fashion design. After I graduated from high school in 2009, I took my very first art course, in order to prepare for the admission exam to study fashion design at The Fine Arts Academy from Chisinau, Moldova.

I created my first hand painted collection in 2013. Being passionate and inspired by Venice, I choose this theme to create my graduation collection. This led me to try for the first time the textile painting technique, in order to obtain my own fabrics with Venetian touches. That`s how I found my vocation; Venice discovered it.

In the meantime, I challenged myself to study at two different universities, simultaneously. I graduated with a Bachelor`s Degree in Fashion Design from Moldova Fine Arts Academy in 2013, and I also opted to take a Bachelor`s Degree in Journalism and Public Communication at University of European Studies in 2014.

I started my career in fashion when I launched my personal blog, in 2013 and my personal brand, Irina Madan, in 2015. I was given the opportunity to participate in many fashion and art events during all these years. I had been trying so hard and many of my dreams came true.

Ultimately, my lifelong dream is to have my own fashion house, to go to the street and see happy people dressed in my hand painted clothes. I want paintings to be dressed all over the world.

Fashion and Art Events/ Awards:

  • 3rd Place TOP DESIGNER AWARD Fashion Week San Diego 2018
    – Spring Showcase, California, USA, April 2018
    – Runway Show, California, USA, October 2018
  • Tiffany`s Fashion Week Paris, France, October 2015
  • “Art & Fashion – Industry of beauty”, London, UK, February 2015
  • DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2015 by Aquarelle Magazine, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • International Fashion Festival “ArtPodium”, Chisinau, Moldova, November 2014
  • Dare Social Fashion Show, Chisinau, Moldova, August 2014
  • Fashion Days Strasbourg, France, June 2014
  • NOMINATION Avant-garde Dress – National Step Competition “Dress of the Year of 2013”, Chisinau, Moldova, December 2013
  • GRAND PRIX – International Young Designers Contest “ArtPodium”, Chisinau, Moldova, November 2013
  • LAUREATE degree in nomination Folk Festival “Textili i Moda”, Donetsk, Ukraine, November 2013