Fly to your Dream Collection HAND PAINTED Loose Fit Dress

Birds inspire us a lot with their beauty. But how many things birds can teach us with their flight!
Fly to your Dreams Hand Painted Dress by Irina Madan

Smooth or fast flights, upward or downward flights, towering or broken…

There are birds in the world that spend most of their lives in the air, flying for years without landing on water or soil. There are birds that fly tens of thousands of miles from the Arctic to Antarctica… Or birds that can fly at huge heights, over the highest mountains in the world. Also, there is a bird that can flutter its wings dozens of times a second.

I like to associate bird flights with dreams. And I am not referring to the dreams that our subconscious offers us during sleep, but to the goals we have set ourselves in this beautiful life. Thus, the bird’s ability to fly would represent the opportunities we are given in order to fulfill our dreams; but the bird’s flight itself would represent the effort we need to make.

How many birds – so many flights. How many people – so many dreams!

Irina Madan Fly to Your Dreams Bird Dress
Irina Madan Fly to Your Dreams Painted Dress
Irina Madan Hand Painted Fly to Your Dreams Collection

This hand painted dress was part of the FLY TO YOUR DREAM Collection, which I launched at the Art & Fashion – Beauty Industry, London, in February 2015.

This dress keeps the emotions of the beautiful city of London: the flight to my dream, the applause in the grand East Wintergarden hall, Tower Bridge, the buildings that reach the clouds, the cold rain, the hurried people on the streets.

Irina Madan Fly to Your Dreams Dress

Birds do not give up easily. They may have an injured wing, or may feel tired for a while… When needed, they will learn to fly again, but they will never give up. Birds will follow their instinct – the instinct of flying. And they will color the sky with their beauty.

❤️ Find the Hand Painted Loose Fit Dress HERE.

Irina Madan Fly to Your Dreams Collection


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