How I Followed My Creative Path


I have spent the quarantine in Moldova. I love being home. I have always loved to be home, even in the current situation. As I was spending most of the time in my room, my atelier, that turned to be such a pleasure to find my childhood drawings and all my student artwork.



Drawing has always been my passion and my favorite activity. When I was little, I used to draw with white chalk on our house garage gate. Also, I loved to draw on paper and play with the colors. Additionally, I used to sew clothes for my barbie dolls from socks and old clothes. Drawing and Literature were my favorite and best subjects in elementary school. The high school where I studied had nothing to do with art. However, I just loved to draw school posters, which was an extracurricular activity.

*How I painted as a child

Meanwhile, I was dreaming with my eyes wide open to finally graduate from high school and to start studying Art and Fashion Design at The Fine Arts Academy from Chisinau, Moldova. But, in order to be accepted, I had to take a difficult drawing and painting exam. Although I had been drawing since childhood, I wasn’t prepared for that high level at all.

Therefore, I had taken a month-long art course at The Fine Arts Academy. I especially remember the first day of that course. My teacher was surprised that I didn’t even have a painting palette. First, she taught me the simplest things, like how to sharpen a pencil correctly. Then step by step she guided me how to draw a static nature with a chalk head. The teacher introduced me to the art of seeing light, shadows, and reflections, not just a simple all white sculpture.

My first drawing/ painting ( Art Course in July 2009)

After I had finished, I took the bus to go home. I started to look very intensively at people’s faces, studying their facial features, without realizing it. I imagined how I would draw them on paper. This was happening to me for the first time. Definitely, since that day, the Fine Arts Academy had started to change me.

After a month of hard work, I passed the exam. My dream came true – I was accepted at The Fine Arts Academy.

I have no words to describe the amazing feelings I had every time I stepped in there. It was my world where I was feeling free to fulfill my childhood dream.



I am enormously grateful to my teachers who guided and helped me to develop precious art skills. They gave me so much creative freedom, offering me the chance to express myself through art. My teachers didn’t build walls, they gave me wings to fly to my dreams.
Studying at The Academy of Arts for four years was such a wonderful experience to me! And most importantly, it had discovered my purpose in life.


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