Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday widely celebrated in America. Once in a while we should take time to be alone with ourselves and be thankful for what we do have. And definitely there are a million things to be thankful for!

First and the most important, I am grateful for being healthy. Undoubtedly, being healthy helps us to live life to the fullest.

I am grateful for a lot of small things happening in my life, for all the colors I am able to see every day, which I mix afterwards in my paint palette. I am lucky to live in such an amazing place like San Diego that inspires me enormously.

I am so lucky for finding my career path and vocation that I am extremely passionate about. I am grateful for my empathy that is so necessary in the art process to help me build emotional connections. I am so grateful to all my customers for believing in me and for expressing all the appreciations for my art.

Also, I am grateful to my parents for pouring their heart and soul into their lessons by teaching me very important values.

I am grateful for my ability I was born with – to never intentionally do something to hurt someone. Because what you give will always return to you sooner or later.

I am grateful for each experience in every moment of my life… for all the mistakes and precious lessons, for all the opportunities taken, for all the “back to zero”, for all my dreams…
… for this phrase that is running in my head every single day:

“Mirror mirror on the wall, I will always get up after I fall, and whether I run, walk or crawl, I will set my goals and achieve them all”.


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